Core business of Beepnow

We implement blockchain and AI to your company

We have developed a skill-sharing platform "beepnow" utilizing blockchain technology
We've faced many tiral and error during development, but managed to overcome those and are finally ready to commercialize the product
We will help you address to the outstanding business challenges with all our knowledge and expertize.

Blockchain and AI have wonderful synergy

The AI makes decisions based on provided data.
The data stored in blockchain can not be tampered with.
Thus, the combination of AI and blockchain assures the accuracy of decision making.

Which services do we offer?


Participating in your meeting providing suggestions on methods of blockchain utilization

Implementation Support

Designing business model (also considering the possibility of monetization) together

Business model suggestion

We have experience of developing a blockchain and launching it as a service. We realize that blockchain alone is just a technology.With our experience we will be able to propose the most beneficial blockchain-based solution for your business.


Without proper hands on experience, creation of effective blockchain implementation is not possible.Engineers who have no experience in implementing it might not be able to develop it,because he need "experience". Without a proper R&D, the creation of an effective blockchain based solution will cost a lot of time and money.There could be a case where the company spends 500 million yen for blockchain development and fails.


Develop solution for your company via beepnow blockchain


Providing our solutions for your own branding

Six Assets

Providing solution by customizing the six assets owned by beepnow Inc.
We select and implement assets according to your business needs.This saves you time and money from buiding everything from scratch
Initial consulting on which assets suit your business model best can be provided. Feel free to ask us for quotation

Case Study

Customized as per needed and provided as OEM

Construction Industry

Q: Company problem
A lot of staff are involved in the project, human resource management is difficult
A: Our solution
Create a blockchain-based management system to allocate personnel efficiently.


Q: Company problem
Shift managing and solving manpower shortage are overwhelming and hinder the manager from performing other outstanding tasks efficiently.
A: Our solution
Leave the shift creation and management to AI, in addition a "staff sharing" feature is available for store chains, thus eliminating the manpower shortage problem.

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Cloud service

Our package items

beep HR

beep Shift

beep Scan


We will support your company

Keita Suzuki / CEO

2003 - Christ Church Grammar School, Australia
2008 - Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics, Tokyo, Japan
2008 - Joined Sumitomo Riko Company Limited
2014 - Sumitomo Riko Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Office Representative
2018 - assumed office of beepnow Systems Co., Ltd.

Graduated from Christ Church Grammar School, Australia since young age, experienced nurturing friendship.After graduating from the school, he entered the economics department of Meiji University, School of Political Science and Economics. Studying major in statistics at Azuma seminar which producing many famous entrepreneur. After graduating from Meiji University, joined Sumitomo Riko Co., Ltd. (Former Tokai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.).After having been in charge of corporate sales for six years, he was transferred to Hong Kong trading office.As manager, he has been in charge of international trade in Asian countries such as Japan, China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou), Thailand and Vietnam. During his four years stay in abroad, he acknowledged the usefullness of blockchain and AI technologies in improving the business.

Getting to know Alex Tsai, founder of beepnow Inc. and learning about the project's mission of making blockchain and AI technologies more reachable, got fascinated with the idea and was appointed a representative of beepnow systems corporation.

Satoshi Sekine / Advisor, RIKEN Team Leader

1983 - Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku High School, Japan
1987 - the Department of Applied Physics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology ,Japan
1992 - M.A in the Manchester Institute of Technology (UMIST)
1998 - Ph.D. in New York University
1998 - New York University Research Associate Professor
2007 - Assistant Professor at New York University
2010 - Director of Rakuten Technology Institute New York
2010 - Inaugurated as Rakuten Technical Director

Japanese information scientist living in the US. Associate Professor, University of New York.
In 1994, he was appointed Professor Grishman of New York University, authority on information extraction, as an assistant and got a doctorate in 1998, afterwards he was appointed Research Associate Professor. Specialty includes information extraction, linguistic knowledge acquisition, named entity extraction, language analysis, question answering, abstract and so on.

In 1998 he hosted IREX (Retrieval and Extraction Exercise), an evaluation workshop for named entity extraction and information retrieval in Japan. He is the leader of On Demand Information Extraction project for the National Science Foundation (NSF). He operates the Institute of Language Craft, a consultancy company concerning language processing, in Japan. From June 2010, he worked as a Director of Rakuten Technology Institute New York. Then from April 2011, he worked as a deputy director for the Rakuten Technical Research Institute Tokyo as well as a technical director at the Rakuten Director. He retired from Rakuten in October 2014. Currently, he works as a team leader of the Language Information Access Team at RIKEN. He is developing artificial intelligence which can make judgments of its own.

Company Profile

company name
beepnow Systems Co., Ltd.
Keita Suzuki
Street address
2-4-14 Kitahorie Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi Mid Square 2F (Head office)
10-1, Ginza 6-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo Sales Office)
Business contents
Provide block chain system development, blockchain evaluation system, OEM of beepnow asset.
30 million yen

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