A brand new
cloud personnel assessment system
maximizing the power
of your team

360-degree evaluation
Blockchain transparency
Easy implementation, simple design
Visualize skills

Bringing transparency to personnel assessments with a combination of blockchain and AI.

Survey results show that 72% of employees have complained about their assessments and the way they are being evaluated.
Storing employment history and other related information to blockchain helps improving employees motivation, by assuring them that any milestone they reach can not be tampered with from the company side.

Scoring done by AI

AI evaluates the work history that is stored in the blockchain and computes the result. So everyone's achievements are appropriately reflected.

If AI is provided with incorrect data, the computation result will be wrong as well.Blockchain technology prevents the data from being edited or tampered with, so AI is always having the correct data. In other words, AI always provides reliable answers.

Nurturing motivation by mutual appreciation messages

Creation of a 360-degree evaluation system that allows supervisors, colleagues, and subordinates to evaluate each other assures an objective evaluation result and thus increases the employees motivation.

Points received from the evaluation can be used as incentives in one of your internal bonus programs or similar activities.

Employees can send words of gratitude to each other such as"Thank you", "Like", "You saved me", "You can do it", or "You are reliable" and so on and so forth with just a single button. With this action, internal currency given to employees in advance is sent along the message you choose.

Functions to make Goal management and Evaluation Management Easy

Cloud hosted single-point management

Manage everything from one cloud hosted portal: registrations, interview records, workflows, goals set for employees and milestones achieved by them, as well as the evaluation.

Various Templates Available:

We have various target templates such as MBO, OKR, and qualitative quantification. Select one according to the scale of your project. With our goal setting wizard even beginners can easily set goals.

AI assisting your HR department

AI will support your HR department, including reminders to your employees, aggregation, alerts, evaluation scorings and so forth.

Blockchain-based management

Records entered by employees, accomplishments, milestones reached are all stored in the blockchain.

beepnow app operations flow

By creating employees personal pages in the beepnow app, for them to be used as resumes. Beepnow app can serve as an employment history proof with the employees work history and achievements stored in blockchain.

Part-time job recommendations and working habbits reformation.

Due to the fact that the government encourages individuals to take secondary employment, exceptional human resource is even more needed. Employers expect to accurately grasp candidates' employment histories such as their past achievements and what kind of contributions they made at their previous workplace.

Monthly Fee

Number of people Fee
~20people 30,000yen
21~50people 60,000yen
51~75people 80,000yen
76~100people 100,000yen
101~200people 190,000yen
201~300people 250,000yen
301~400people 310,000yen
401people~ Negotiable

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Company Profile

company name
beepnow Systems Co., Ltd.
Keita Suzuki
Street address
2-4-14 Kitahorie Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi Mid Square 2F (Head office)
10-1, Ginza 6-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo Sales Office)
Business contents
Provide block chain system development, blockchain evaluation system, OEM of beepnow asset.
30 million yen

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