AI Automatic Shift Assignment
Automatic shift assignment creation with AI enables accurate personnel allocation, in the right place and at the right time

Reminder of shift submission date
Shift assignments adjustments
Staff sharing between stores in a store chain
Creating shift assignments in a blink of an eye

Creating shift assignments in a blink of an eye

Based on the employees skills, AI suggests the most efficient assignments for a particular store.

Until now, shift managers have been making optimal shift assignments by judging the capabilities of employees and their values of combined experiences. From now on, AI, trained on the employees information, makes the instant creation of effective shift assignments possible.

Easy to use UI design

Separate UI tailored for managers and employees

How to use if you are a manager

What is the ideal shift assignment?

Assigning only highly skilled employees prevents the inexperienced ones from developing their skills.
On the contrary, assigning only inexperienced employees will have a negative impact on store management efficiency.

AI creates shift assignments taking the need to effectively manage the store with a minimum amount of employees into consideration.
At the same time it combines highly skilled and inexperienced employees to a single team to make the simultaneous staff training and store operation possible.Surely the shift assignments are made to maximize the sales.

Product Features:

Adjustment of shift assignments

AI will monitor the shift submission status and send out reminders to those who have not submitted it shortly before the due date. Also in case the required number of employees on a particular day is not met, AI will automatically send notifications to employees asking for their help.

Staff sharing between stores

For the chain stores, AI suggests shift assignments based on the number of employees required for each store effective operation, if there is a lack of workforce in a particular store, AI will re-assign the employees from other stores, assuring every place has enough team members for operating effectively.In case of workforce shortage, AI reassigns employees from other stores and sends out corresponding notifications.

Convenient business contact management system

Chat, bulletin board and other similar functions are provided. Managing business contacts from a single entry point assures there is no miscommunication.


Utilizing survey function, questionnaires and social gathering schedules can be created for store socialization improvement.

How to use if you are an employee

You can manage your shift assignments within the application

By being able to manage the shift assignments efficiently with the help of our application,
you can confirm your shift assignments, as well as submit the requested schedule.

Product Features:

Confirmation of shift assignments

User-friendly UI quickly displays your current shift assignments with the detail of time, day and month of assignment to eliminate the possibility of missing work due to various reasons.

Submitting your shift
Notifications function

By integrating Google Calendar or other similar applications with our app you can easily manage your shift.You can submit your shift to the store within the app.Our app also has a notifications feature that will send a reminder ten days (※) before the due date, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to submit the shift on time.※ Notification period can be easily adjusted at the store management screen.

Business Contact

Business communication and reports can be done easily from the application.Being able to send photos and videos from the application will make a smoother business communication


You can add an FAQ at the store management screen, so employees can learn more about the store in their free time.

Salary Calculation

The system will automatically calculate the salary based on the shift that you have worked on, the employees don't need to calculate by themselves.

Until now shift assignment creation took lots of time

Collection of requested Shift

It takes time to figure out who has already submitted their shift. Also it can be troublesome to send reminders to those who didn't submit that yet.

Effective Combination

If the shift consists of highly skilled employees only, inexperienced ones will not develop their skills. It is essential to create mixed teams to ensure the possibility simultaneous employee training and store operation.

Understanding the employees skills

Each staff, including the manager, have to grasp the skills of all the staff members.

Workforce Shortage

On a day when its understaffed, it is necessary to reassign employees from other stores. But, cooperation among stores can be very difficult.

Implementation of blockchain is scheduled in 2019!

By storing employees past work experience and working hours in the blockchain,
employees can use it as CV once they are linked with beepnow application.

By being able to store fair evaluations, we can improve the motivation of the employees.
In other words, we can provide high-quality service to your customers.

Integration with major accounting software is supported

Attendance data can be linked with major accounting software, calculation of salary becomes easy.

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